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Becoming YOU episodes showcase real stories from individuals, friends, siblings, engaged and married couples, a young woman and a young man who experienced addiction to pornography, a medical doctor, a young woman and a young man who faced unexpected pregnancies, a licensed family therapist, and a Catholic priest. Episodes 9 and 10, Beyond YOU: Finding Your Whole Identity in Christ, are included bonus episodes that look back on the topics from Becoming YOU Episodes 1 - 8 with a Catholic-Christian specific lens. The videos and lesson plans incorporate Scripture, references from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and St. John Paul II's language of the Theology of the Body.

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    2. Becoming YOU Full Work 1 - 10 Introduction and Lesson Plans

    3. Becoming YOU Trailer Episodes 1 - 8

    4. Becoming YOU Lesson Plans Cover

    5. Title Page and Copyright Becoming You

    6. We extend a special thanks for all our video interview guests

    7. Introduction and Scope and Sequence Summary for Becoming YOU

    8. Discussion Criteria and Additional Options

    9. Becoming You Parent and Guardian Introduction Guide

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    1. Episode 1 - Becoming YOU: "Who Am I?"

    2. Lesson 1 Packet - Becoming YOU: "Who Am I?"

    3. SPICE Whole Person 8.5 x 11

    4. Activity: What's my SPICE Whole Person Worksheet

    1. Episode 2 - Becoming YOU: Relationships Part One: Friends and Family

    2. Lesson 2 Packet - Becoming YOU: Relationships Part One: Friends and Family

    1. Episode 3 - Becoming YOU: Relationships Part 2: What is Love?

    2. Lesson 3 Packet - Becoming YOU: Relationships Part 2: What is Love?

    1. Episode 4 - Becoming YOU: Sexual Integrity

    2. Lesson 4 Packet -

    1. Episode 5 - Becoming YOU: The Pornography Disconnect

    2. Lesson 5 Packet - Becoming YOU: The Pornography Disconnect

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Become YOU: Discover your Whole Identity Today!

​Young people today seek answers to who they are and where they belong in the world. For many youth identity, relationships, and sexuality are intertwined in a way that makes understanding sexual behavior choices confusing and challenging. The new Becoming You: Discovering Your Whole Identity Video Series is an invitation to young people to go deeper into these burning questions.

Social proof: testimonials

“I think I learned a lot, I have changed my relationships because of it and I have been happier.”

-7th Grade Boy

“It gave me a new perspective on what relationships should be.”

12th Grade Boy

“[I will remember] the episode about porn.”

9th Grade Girl

“It made me think of abstaining from sex till marriage.”

7th Grade Boy

“I would highly recommend the Becoming YOU series to other schools or youth groups. The information provided helps the youth become aware of their self identity through SPICE and also learn about sexual integrity. The topics covered are based on a Christian perspective dealing with their morals and values which is not received through the social media that is so often heard by our youth today.”

Janet Goetz, St. Anne's Middle School Religion Teacher

“The self-identity piece was very powerful.”

Felicia Smith, McAdams Academy Administrator

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